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“Vote for this woman. She is fair, honest and CARES about people in general. She runs a great business, it is very professional and friendly. She abides by the laws and I have love being a customer of hers!!
Her staff is always friendly and professional. She loves football & treated her staff to a day off and a NFL party.
She’s into saving the environment and is very down to earth. I can not see her taking advantage of tax payers money for the likes of pipelines, tainted water or burned down forest!!
We need a CARING person that cares about people and our beautiful State to REPRESENT WA STATE!!!
Vote for #LizHallock WA State Representative!!” — Chris Gonzalez, Yakima, WA


Sara Cate
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Democratic Environment and Climate Caucus
Yakima County Democrats
Blaine Tomaki
Rob Schrader
Gabriel Munoz
Rochelle Dunmore
LD 14 Democrats
Act Yakima
Angie Girard
Don Hinman
Jeff Tilson
Arturo Garza, Jr.
Bruce Benscoter, YPD (ret.)
Josh Kilburn
Zak Basher
John Novak
Adam Hamide
Rob Arends
Denali mitmoen
Jade Vela
Johnathan Samora
Michael Nathan
Tracey Bautista
Chelsea Sambrano
Veronica Lopez
Nichole Knox
Trish Lemos
Christian Wade
Tara Clord
Willie Gellisipi
Terry Elmer
Tonya Heady
Donovan Hoitt
Paul Hendrickson
Sara Kaleiiv
Ignrid Robles
Alayna Sowder
Omar Samano
Maida Venegas
Cathy Hale
Cheryl Sundrey
Steven Boyer
Logan Noone
Wayne Seminoff
Mike Graham
Eric Holt (former candidate for LD 18 State Senate)
Shannon Neece
Mike Waters
Rory Terrill
Asten (Chase) Flieyer
Amber Brown
Gizel Migwans
Jenny Rosales
Randy Rehberg
Sara Ruland
Pamela Warren
Sade Tainewasher
Jim Heady
Michael Fadden
Kayla Sackman
Mike McClacken
Tim Harper
Brandon Tipton
John Rupp
Laura Bogardus
James & Michelle Hailman
Demetrius Matt’s
Frank N. Burns (USMC ret.)
Timothy Tucker
Crystal Miller
Jenine Colgrove
Mark Harvin (US Army ret.)
Richard Gravy
Jeremie Gilbert
Fred Gallegos
Cindy Kirwan
Debra Lindsey
Pablo Gonzalez (former Yakima City Council Candidate, District 2)
Anne Laderman
Nolan Marchand
Tim Heady
Raymond (Anthony) Lopez
April Amundson
Marcus Hensley
Amanda Brinkley
Richard Varela
Jarod Rhoads
Dustin Sandlin
Brad Gee
Zachariah Rodriguez
Harold Blake
Christian Sires
Cristina Galvan
Daniel Rabie
Bill Wirgardner
Alisha Trochie
Sharon Gorey
Jason Glover
Luis Solis
Laura Gonzalez
Candy Mora
Rodney Nagellim
Shawna Roybal
Vince McCoy
Matthew Langton
Yanery Aguilar Tello
Micahel LaCombe
Tatiana Rodriguez
Alfred Murphy
Harrison Villa
Joe Rodriguez Jr.
Pattie Jo Woodward
Larry Naud
Ila Wyman
Danette Wyman
Chris Gonzales
Xavier Rodriguez
Jaimie Muffet
Jeff McPhee
Jacob Koopman
Sonny Nanez
Samuel Sands
Lori Evans
Diana Flores
Russell Montgomery
Monica Testerman
Michael Murr
James Murr, Union Gap City Council: “Liz will provide us exceptional leadership while in office.”