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March 24, 2018–On this day when thousands of students across America march to protest gun violence in schools, Attorney Liz Hallock (D) of Yakima, WA, licensed marijuana business owner and open government advocate, proudly announces that she will seek to run for the Washington House of Representatives for Legislative District 14 against Gina McCabe (R) of Goldendale, WA. Ms. Hallock will fight for the people at every turn. Her main goals are to promote open government, women’s healthcare, internet data privacy, affordable housing, and sensible gun policy for responsible adult gun owners.

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Open Government

Gina McCabe voted in favor of SB 6617, an affront to transparency in Washington’s government. Legislators who voted in favor of the bill attempted to exempt themselves from Washington’s public disclosure act. Fortunately, the bill was vetoed by Gov. Jay Inslee. Ms. Hallock believes that the benefits of keeping Washington Governments transparent far exceed the cost to society of not doing so. Open government is the bedrock of our democracy. We also need laws that disclose who is paying for political advertisements on social media that model laws we already have in place for print and television. In addition, anyone paid by a political campaign or political action committee to post on social media must fully disclose this fact, that they are being paid to post their opinions. Anyone who pays social media posters to influence an election must appropriately register with and report to the Washington Public Disclosure Commission or face civil and criminal penalties already on the books.

Women’s Healthcare

Gina McCabe voted against SB 6219, which expanded insurance coverage for women’s contraception and abortion. Ms. Hallock believes strongly in a woman’s right to reproductive privacy and that insurance companies wishing to profit in Washington state must provide insurance coverage for the personal, reproductive decisions made between women and their physicians. Science has also proven that better maternal pre-natal and post-partum care can determine a child’s future success throughout their whole lifetime, and more resources need to be dedicated to ensuring pregnant women in Washington are receiving the best possible treatment before, during, and at least a year after delivery.

Liz has been an advocate for single-payer for decades and supports a single-payer consortium between WA, OR, and CA. Our current for-profit system is unsustainable and inhumane. Gina McCabe voted against a bill to end consumer cost-sharing of preventative services, such as autism and cholesterol screenings.

Internet Data Privacy

As a hub for internet and technology companies, Washington needs to become a national leader in data privacy. Currently, Washington laws require notification of breaches of data security after the fact. Ms.Hallock believes we need stronger laws that force internet companies doing business in Washington to not only protect data, but to delete it at the request of any Washington citizen, as well as provide “Do Not Track” as the automatic default setting to eliminate unwanted targeted advertising and data collection. We need to ensure citizens are not forced to share their web history or locations with internet search engine providers. Finally, we need to ensure stiff penalties and fines against companies who access and disseminate private data without users’ permission (such as Cambridge Analytica), as well as against companies who allow those data breaches to occur (such as Facebook).

Affordable Housing

Gina McCabe voted against HB 2578, which was a product of decades long advocacy on behalf of individuals whose rental income comes from economic housing assistance vouchers, such as section 8. As an attorney who handled many low-income landlord/tenant housing cases, Ms. Hallock saw how discrimination by landlords against section 8 voucher holders was oftentimes nothing but thinly disguised racism that was exempted from federal and state Fair Housing acts. As a business owner in downtown Yakima, Ms. Hallock encounters individuals every day who are suffering from the lack of affordable housing. This is a social problem, not just the problem of individuals and specific families, and Washington needs to continue to address the affordable housing and homeless crisis head-on.

Liz is against any employee head tax. She respectfully disagrees with the Seattle City Attorney’s office that the Fair Housing Act protects foreign national investment groups speculating in Washington real estate. She would seek statewide property tax increases for these type of investors. As an experienced housing rights attorney, Liz will protect against housing discrimination for U.S. Citizens and those living here, but we need to end the foreign speculation that is driving up home prices and rentals across Washington. Liz does not support H2A employers buying up housing stock within Yakima city limits.

Sensible gun policy for responsible gun owners

If we can regulate marijuana with sensible policies for responsible adults, Ms.Hallock believes we can successfully regulate guns with sensible policies for responsible adults. The second amendment, as the U.S. Supreme Court has stated, does not give individuals the right to bear any and all kinds of weapons.

Civil liberties, such as free speech, freedom of movement, even the right to vote are all regulated in one form or another. However, she would not support SB 5050, put forth upon request by the Attorney General, which essentially bans semi-automatic weapons. She believes we need to focus on gun safety, gun research, and keeping guns away from irresponsible people by restricting gun transactions to licensed dealers and prohibiting sale to those with outstanding warrants or upcoming sentencing dates for a felony, stalking, domestic violence, harassment, or crimes against a person; youth who cannot demonstrate proper handling, safety, and storage skills; and those who might use a gun against an intimate partner. She also believes we should make it harder for convicted felons to restore their gun rights. We need to have swift and severe punishments for those who do not practice safe gun storage. Below are common sense ideas for reasonable gun regulation, with limited infringement upon the civil liberties of responsible adults:

  1. At least one party to a firearms transaction shall be a licensed dealer and the transaction must take place at the dealer’s licensed premise.
  2. Improve background sharing information with state, federal, and military agencies.
  3. Increase the minimum age for purchase of a rifle to 21. Possession of a rifle under 21 may be exempted for active duty military, police, or civilians with a license, requiring courses in gun safety, firearms and children, secure firearm storage, suicide and firearms, and state and federal firearms law.
  4. No firearms sales to anyone with an outstanding warrant or awaiting sentencing in a criminal felony case or misdemeanor crime against a person case.
  5. Felony penalties for unsafe storage of firearms outside of one’s immediate control.
  6. Restoration of firearms rights for convicted felons only upon application with the state Attorney General’s office.
  7. Funding for State and licensed dealer buyback programs, which have proven successful in reducing accidental deaths and suicides.
  8. Funding for gun violence research, in the face of little federal research due to the Dickey amendment.

Having come from a family with both strong military and hunting ties, Ms. Hallock believes that under these sensible policies, families will still be able to enjoy the hunting trips they have enjoyed for generations, as well as teach their children about gun safety.

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